Connecting Data-Driven Enterprise to the world - Rationale

Connecting Data-Driven Enterprise to the world


Edinburgh Innovations (EI) and Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) at the University of Edinburgh came to Rationale to raise awareness and engagement with programmes supporting innovation and entrepreneurship – called Data-Driven Enterprise (DDE).

DDI, EI and Rationale have been working together to drive communications and marketing to attract engagement with the DDE programme’s diverse audiences with a focus on the University’s research to raise the profile of entrepreneurship, DDI and EI.


In our work with DDI and EI, we have applied our creative and strategic expertise to attract applicants to the DDE programme, by developing and delivering a campaign of communications and content which bring the benefits of the programme to life and compel a range of people to engage.

To achieve this, we:

    • Reviewed existing materials and insights to confirm priorities
    • Came up with compelling campaign ideas, creative and messaging.
    • Developed a targeted campaign strategy – including establishing measures of success and a performance dashboard to allow for regular optimisation of content and a mid-campaign check-in
    • Established an ongoing roll-out plan, incorporating targeted messaging, assets and channels for an external industry audience
    • Wrote a series of case studies and amplified success stories coming out of the programmes.


Through our strategy we delivered and activated a series of campaign toolkits across a mix of channels, including social media, newsletters and email and continually optimised our approaches based on engagement. We also created a branded entrepreneurship web presence to house our creative, content and resources - as a one-stop-shop for people interested in the programme.