Bringing Smplicare’s brand to life

The Challenge

Smplicare is a health-tech company, building digital solutions to support people who are caring for ageing loved ones. As a startup still in the early stages of developing and testing their product and offering, Smplicare needed a brand that would make their solutions and benefits clear – both for the carers who will use it, as well as to those who need care. With ambitions to grow the business, articulating clearly who they are and what they do to end-users and investors was critical.

The Solution

After a series of discovery sessions, workshops and focus groups with key audience groups, we began to articulate a visual brand for Smplicare that stayed close to their original brand identity so as not to lose the brand recognition built to date, and narrative messaging that surfaced their impact as an organisation. We developed what we call a Minimal Viable Brand (MVP) – a brand that is fit for purpose now while providing robust foundations to be built upon as the company grows.

This included the development and delivery of:

  • A visual identity, with core brand elements including logo, colours, typography and illustration style
  • A brand proposition – ‘Age with independence, care with confidence’ – that speaks to the direct benefactor of the app, the carers, and the indirect benefactor, the ones being cared for
  • Narrative development – including boilerplate copy for Who we are, What we do and How we do it
  • Suite of social cards
Smplicare logo development
Smplicare illustration development
Smplicare Illustration Development
Smplicare background animation
The Result

Smplicare’s visual identity and narrative has been carried across their digital platform, website and all brand collateral, as they hard launch the app and begin a push to attract investment to drive the next phase of Smplicare. Our partnership with Smplicare is ongoing, and we will continue to support them to expand their brand, communicate to their audiences and grow their business.
Smplicare Social
Smplicare client testimonial

“Rationale understood us, our company, our vision, and the complexity of the problem we’re trying to solve. They’re fun, creative, thoughtful people, who found the right words to bring clarity both to our purpose and the way we communicate it.”

Garrett Sprague

Co-founder, Smplicare

“Working with Smplicare has been fantastic. Not only do they share our values as a purpose-driven business, but together we have come up with a brand that is creative and formed a partnership that will build out in the future as they grow.”

Paula Campbell

Strategy Executive, Rationale