Building trust in DataLoch as it launches

The Challenge

DataLoch brings together health and social care data for researchers, innovators and industry in Edinburgh and South-East Scotland. By providing secure access to sector experts, DataLoch’s mission is to enable innovation that will improve health and social care, treatment and outcomes while addressing critical health and social care challenges facing the region.

Rationale supported DataLoch to create a brand identity, communications plan and supporting motion graphic series as DataLoch launched the beta version of their offering. It was critical that the brand and any assets created spoke to their diverse audiences and surfaced the trust, integrity and quality of DataLoch’s approach.

DataLoch Logo
The Solution

Our work with DataLoch allowed Rationale to showcase our creative and strategic expertise to communicate the complexities of who DataLoch is and what they do. Our aim was to bring to life the potential for innovation driven by DataLoch’s data to benefit all citizens and communities in Edinburgh and South East Scotland.

We achieved this by:

  • Reviewing existing materials and insights to confirm priorities, audiences, comparators
  • Developing a robust and compelling communications plan for the beta launch, including supporting messaging, associated themes and formats
  • Surfacing a value proposition that communicated DataLoch’s impact – ‘Enabling innovation in health and social care’
  • Mapping out an activation plan for multi-channel activity including social, email, web
  • Creating a full visual identity including a ripple logo – speaking to the water associations of DataLoch’s name and the ripple effect of data
  • Delivering a comprehensive and dynamic tone of voice and brand guidelines
  • Creating a series of explainer motion graphics for DataLoch’s website
  • Supporting activation through strategic recommendations and asset creation
Online brand guidelines with downloadable assets
Brand guidelines
DataLoch logo animation
Explainer motion graphic (01:52)
‘Bringing Data Together’ animation (1:25)
‘Data Security’ animation (1:29)
The Result

The visual identity we ideated and delivered for DataLoch has been activated on DataLoch’s website. As DataLoch carried out a successful beta launch, the narrative supported their communications to encourage researchers, industry and innovators to engage and access data. It also reassured the public that DataLoch is a trusted source that will ensure their data will be used only to enable innovation that will benefit health and social care for all citizens.

“Rationale connected immediately with DataLoch’s vision to enable improvements in people’s health by supporting data-driven innovation and research, bringing passion and a genuine sense of responsibility to their collaboration with us. They have helped us bring to life our purpose with a visual identity that feels authentic and meaningful.”

Kathy Harrison

Programme Lead, DataLoch

“Communicating trust when it comes to data - especially the kind of data that DataLoch deals with - requires a robust plan based on solid audience insight. We delivered a logo that speaks to the ripple effect of data as it benefits society and a narrative that surfaces trust and transparency.”

Rowan Morrison

Managing Director, Rationale