Communicating a response to climate crisis - Rationale

Communicating a response to climate crisis

The Challenge

Edinburgh Earth Initiative (EEI) is the focal point of the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading teaching and research on climate. Rationale supported EEI in articulating and amplifying their work in driving positive environmental change for external and internal audiences.

Drawing on multi-disciplinary strengths from across the University, and working with global partners, EEI needed to balance a wide range of stakeholders in order to communicate their mission for the planet in a clear and compelling way, both inside and outside of the University.

The Solution


Leveraging our strategic and creative expertise, we surfaced EEI’s brand voice and reframed the initiative’s story to better resonate with audiences. This meant bringing clarity to coverage of the University of Edinburgh’s cutting-edge research and ensuring all key stakeholders’ voices were represented.

To achieve this, we:

  • Collaborated with University stakeholders to understand who EEI are and how individual roles contribute to the initiative
  • Crafted and executed a multi-channel communications plan targeted at engaging primary and secondary audiences
  • Ensured a consistent social media presence that increased engagement
  • Created a suite of communications templates that allow EEI’s team to create visually consistent, engaging ad hoc content without external support
  • Designed event collateral for COP27 to showcase EEI’s work to global partners
Event banners
Social media assets
Social Guidelines

The Result

Our partnership with EEI enhanced the organisation’s brand recognition and elevated their communication materials for internal and external audiences. We continue to support EEI with increasing awareness of their impact and driving engagement with their diverse audiences.
“Rationale helped the Edinburgh Earth Initiative find its brand and voice amidst a noisy ecosystem of internal and external audiences with a range of different needs and expectations. Each member of their team is committed to not only producing high quality work, but making a difference through their agency.”
Johanna Holton

Deputy Director, The University of Edinburgh (EEI)

“Working with the team at EEI is stimulating and inspiring - and helping them to communicate their unique focus and approach in a complicated ecosystem of stakeholders was a challenge we relished. By taking time to understand the needs of their audiences, we were able to create a unique story that continues to resonate - in both their core brand positioning and ongoing communications.”
Rowan Morrison

Managing Director, Rationale