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Attracting those looking for a career change

The Challenge

The St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy is the training arm of St. James’s Place Wealth Management. Its training programme is aimed at those looking to transition into a career in financial advice.

We worked with the St. James’s Place Academy to attract candidates looking for a new career, in a way that targeted each of their audience sets. These included ex-military, ex-sports people, and women returners. This project began as SJP Wealth Management, the parent brand, was undergoing a total brand refresh. This meant it was also necessary for us to work with the Academy to define and bring to life their sub brand in a way that would be reflective of the SJP interim brand as well as long-lasting beyond the launch of the new brand.

The Solution

In a short space of time, Rationale were able to onboard and deliver a great deal of creative and strategic work for the Academy. With the aim of supporting the SJP rebrand, and modernising SJP’s brand image and voice, we undertook a series of activities.

These included:

  • Discovery and insight gathering workshops to understand who SJP and the Academy are, how they would like to be perceived by their audiences and depth interviews with graduates from the Academy itself
  • Editorial and design of a flagship brochure, including inserts tailored to the Academy’s different audiences
  • Editorial and design of the Academy’s new website wireframes
  • Content development targeted at different audiences, such as activation packs for the Academy’s events team including social cards, motion graphics and flyers
  • Editorial and design delivery of sales collateral
    St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy website
    Motion graphic driving events engagement
St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy LinkedIn carousel

The Result

Our partnership with SJP is ongoing. We are currently supporting them with the development of a hero motion graphic that tells the story and benefits of participating in the Academy. We continue to support SJP with content development, and bringing their offering and rebrand to life in a way that resonates with their diverse audiences.
    Academy flagship brochure
“Rationale were a pleasure to work with on our new website and flagship brochure. Their consultative approach helped us think differently about our proposition. As a team, we felt supported at every step and our collaboration has resulted in creative excellence and an end product we are truly proud of.”
Alex Hall

Marketing Manager, St. James’s Place

“Agile working processes allowed us to deliver this project, articulating key messaging and designing new Academy assets to reach the next generation of financial advisers within incredibly tight turnaround times.”
Jayne Watson

Account Director, Rationale