Reinventing Winning Scotland’s Brand

“We challenge them and they challenge us back.”

Morag Arnot

Executive Director | Winning Scotland


Winning Scotland, a third-sector organisation with a mission to empower young people to have a growth mindset, came to us with a need to raise awareness, develop their brand purpose, and optimise perception of the organisation and its offering.


To understand Winning Scotland’s audience needs, and define their current challenges and positioning, we carried out:

    • Discovery workshops with key stakeholders, including employees and board members
    • Desk research, including competitor analysis, website and social media audit and deep diving into the education space
    • Validation interviews with board members and target audiences

This insight informed our purpose-driven strategy and recommendations to position Winning Scotland as a thought leader, to differentiate them from their competitors and instigate ways to raise brand awareness. This was articulated through:

    • Creating a set of priority audience personas
    • Establishing a new organisation name, brand proposition, visual identity and logo, brand story and verbal identity which conveyed Winning Scotland’s purpose
    • Delivering a series of narratives and a messaging matrix tailored to personas
    • Mapping a comprehensive marketing strategy which encompassed targeting specific audiences, considering channels and formats, campaigns, website development and a B2B narrative

We are now working with Winning Scotland on delivering against our recommendations through creative and campaign development, thought leadership and a content-driven website.


“We have been working with Rationale on a brand refresh and what has worked really well is the open communication – we challenge them and they challenge us back. Through that we get better outcomes and build a productive partnership.”

Morag Arnot

Executive Director | Winning Scotland

“Working with Winning Scotland has proved to us the power of true, positive collaboration and how important it is to bring everyone on the brand storytelling journey with you.”

Rowan Morrison

Rationale | Managing Director