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Reimagining Ignite Arts for the next generation

The Challenge

Ignite Arts is a charitable organisation that provides a safe, positive and creative space for the young people of North and West Glasgow. They achieve this through Arts workshops, such as drama, dance, and photography. Ignite Arts’ members come from diverse backgrounds and many are refugees.

Ignite Arts and Rationale came together to help Ignite Arts re-engage with the young people in the communities they serve. Engagement levels had dropped during and after the pandemic, when many of their activities had to move online. The Ignite Arts team wanted to communicate the community-spirit and vast opportunities on offer at Ignite Arts, moving away from their traditional position as a ‘drama club’ in order to re-engage and revitalise their membership.

The Solution

To meet Ignite Arts’ needs, we felt a full rebrand would be the most impactful way to communicate to a new generation of young people (and their parents, carers, teachers, etc) who they are, the breadth of what they offer, and who they are providing opportunities for. This included a visual rebrand, a refreshed narrative and proposition, and a recommendation to change their name from ‘Ignite Theatre’ to ‘Ignite Arts’.

To achieve this, we:

  • Carried out a series of discovery workshops – both with the Ignite Arts staff and members 
  • Designed a visual identity, with core brand elements including colours, typography, and a logo inspired by a lens coming into focus and fireworks sparks being ignited
  • Created a brand proposition – ‘Changing the narrative for young people’ – that speaks to the impact Ignite Arts has on the lives of their members, empowering them to be creative and giving them a secure space to express themselves through the Arts
  • Developed narrative messaging – including boilerplate copy for Who we are, What we do and How we do it
  • Made recommendations for a name change to reflect their offering is broader than just theatre, such as Ignite Arts, Ignite Glasgow, Ignite Youth, and more
  • Delivered a logo gif animation for use on their website or social media
Ignite Arts logo development
Ignite Arts t-shirt example
Ignite Arts poster series
Ignite Arts logo animation

The Result

We equipped Ignite Arts with the essential foundations for their brand so that they could reflect to the young people in the community who they are now, as opposed to who they used to be. This will enable Ignite Arts to communicate more impactfully with a new generation of young people, by highlighting to them the fun, creativity and opportunities they could benefit from by joining the inspiring Ignite Arts’ community.
“Rationale helped us navigate our way to a rebrand reflecting the change and growth in our charity. Through inclusive dialogue, members have chosen a brilliantly designed logo and we now have a fresh insight into what makes us unique. It was an empowering, professional and collaborative process and we would highly recommend them to anybody looking to revitalise their brand.”
Aileen Ritchee

Artistic Director, Ignite Arts

“It is always rewarding when working with a passionate and creative client, Ignite Arts was no exception. Together we have created an identity that is bold, bespoke and directly relates to Ignite Arts’ values and focuses on the individuality of the members.”
Jonathan Gilbride

Graphic Designer, Rationale